If you are living in London and looking for some ways to strip and lose the body fat then you should consider the fat loss exercises. The fat loss exercises can help you to lose about 2-5 pounds every week. There are many doctors in

London who are in touch with the modern day weight loss technique that helps the people to strip that extra fat in an effective and efficient manner. If you are living in London then you have major chance of getting overweight and for the past few years, obesity has become a major problem for people. Here are some of the fat loss exercises that you should do in order to strip that extra fat and stay healthy.


Firstly, in order to strip that fat you should do some squat movement. If you are a beginner then you can start with the wall squats and then follow with body-weight squats and bar-bell squats. You can also try kettle-bell snatches, medicine ball squat presses and dumb-bell swings to lose the body fat.


Second type of exercise is to opt for those exercises that have pushing movement. If you are a beginner then you should go for dumb-bell presses, resistance band chest presses and kneeling push-ups. For the advanced level, you should opt for dumb-bell presses, push-ups, cable exercises, barbell presses and kettle-bell exercises.


Third, you should go for pulling exercise. This might be tough for the beginners if they do not have the equipment that is been required for the exercise. For this type of exercise, you will need dumb-bells or resistance band for doing this at home. If you are working out in a gym then you will require a seated cable.


The fourth exercise to strip the body fat in London is to do a single-leg movement exercise. This type of exercise is tough but it is necessary to strip the body fat.

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