It is always a good idea to keep things fresh and new in relationship. So, when it comes to sex, there are some things that you need to remember. With that being said, foreplay is an important part of your sexual life that you cannot ignore. In fact, to keep the relationship working foreplay plays quite a big role.

Make out is underrated

Making out is not just fun, but also exciting and refreshing. Even if both are dating for a long time, it is important to include making out sessions in your sex life. This will surely keep the spark alive. Also, make time for it even if you both are busy.

Let your partner touch

Touching is another important part of foreplay and so include lots of touching. Above all, sex doesn’t need to be about you, it can involve touching your partner as well. Make this work for both of you by simply running your engine. Touch your partner everywhere and not just the private parts.

No need to lie down

Every time you begin foreplay, it is not at all necessary to lie down with your back. In fact, there’s no reason why you need to lie down in the same position all through sex. Instead, you can both sit against one another and enjoy the mood. Try to sit facing each other so that you both can touch each other easily.

Rub the body

Rubbing the body is another effective way of starting the foreplay or preparing for sex. You just don’t need to rush things. Simply find a place to grind against your partner’s body part. For instance, it can be the legs or private parts. Be as close as you can be without entering each other’s body. This will speed up the excitement.

With that being said, you can also talk openly about what you like to your partner when it comes to sexual matters like foreplay.


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