Escorts with sexy legs in the Industry

Every business has rules that run it and escorts business is no exemption. There are things that you have to do and others you do not have to do. Below are rules to be followed by escorts with sexy legs and those without in order to make the most out of their business.

Take care of yourself

If your body is your office, then you better take care of it. Do the pedicure, manicure, whiten your teeth and pluck your eyebrows. The more you invest in your body, the more clients that you hot blondeattract and the more money you make.

Trust no one

You should never give your trust to anyone, even your favorite client. This is business and everything should be kept in official terms. Your personal information should be sacred. You should not discuss your escorting life or your personal life with anyone and should be kept separate entirely. This should be the case even with fellow escorts friends as back stabbing and jealousy really exists. It is true real friends exist, but fake ones are there too. Approach everyone with caution.

Do not chat with your clients

When you set a date with a client, unless chatting is what they were looking for, do what they expect you to do. This is one of the ways you can be a smart escort with sexy legs as an advantage. Since most escorts with sexy legsĀ do not figure this out, they end up losing customers to those escorts who know their work and do it.

Get some photos that are decent

You cannot sell your services with crappy, unprofessional photos. Clients can predict if you are cheap escort by posting unqualified photos. If you want to fetch a lot of clients, post only professional photos exposing your hot feet. Create an atmosphere that reflects who you are. Again, your photos should not expose full nudity as the clients are left with nothing to their

imagination. Be alluring and sensual instead. Clients should not diagnose hemorrhoids by looking at your photo once since you have a close up on your pussy as your profile photo. If you are that client with sexy legs or not, get yourself quality snaps in order to get quality clients.

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